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Scuba Diving Sites Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita has many dive places! Some are really nice - some not.

 Isla Cubagua: One of the sister’s islands of Margarita, between the mainland and Isla Margarita - left to Coche Island. A smaller Island with importance for the marine life. First, there is the Department for Investigation "De la Marina" from the University "La Salle". Second the best and only place to do Wrack-Diving around Isla Margarita. This place is a Ferry ship which by a big fire on board got shipwrecked in the early 70`th. Years ago a beautiful object for adventure diving. Inside stil visible the rest’s of a Chevy and a Volkswagen. The Engeenroom is difficult to dive; you have to get of your gear and holding it in front of your face to make some moves there. The Stearingroom is nice to make some cool underwater pictures. Bud everything is really sharp and you may get cutted. Careful diver!!! One long dive will be enough for seeing this place.

Isla Coche: The second sister island of Margarita, right side to Isla Cubagua. This island is much bigger than Cubagua and realy important for the Tourist industry of Nueva Esparta (Margarita, Cubagua, Coche). She is the famous island for the Catamaran, Yachts and Sailboat - Excursions. Every day there are going hundreds of tourists for snorkelling, Jet Ski and 4weel-biking to this island. There are a couple of hotels for stay, but defiantly to expansive in compare to Isla Margarita. The snorkelling is not so WOW and for diving either! The ruins of the lost city (the first colony of Nueva Esparta) are just a few bricks in the sand by about 6m deep. Who is getting wet for this???

 The coast of Pampatar: Pampatar a town on the east coast of Isla Margarita is a place for doing your dive certification. Shallow water area the not so nice places for diving. Only place to name for diving by this side of the island is El Farallon. A huge rock, about 14m deep with nice really smaller details - for example the statue of a little „Madonna ". La Ballena and Murucal are out of discussion for professional diver - there you may go skin diving! But if you like a bit of history, got to town an visit the castle, church and al the old colonial houses. With a plenty of restaurants Pampatar invites you for a small stay. One of the famous 5 star hotels of Margarita - Flamingo Beach Resort offers for good money a good stay.

Well, well, well! Here comes the queen of the dive places of Isla Margarita!

 Islas Los Frailes: In the north/east of the coast from Margarita.
With a Transit of about 45min from the fisher village "El Tirano" (5km from Playa el Agua) we reach this little snorkelling and diving paradise. You’ll find a formation of 9 little islands. 6 of them are really good for scuba diving, beginners or professionals. La Pecha, Payape, La Punta, Cominoto, El Infierno. Some have smaller walls, platforms, canyons or a smaller cave. The water is most of the year in acceptable conditions for having fun in diving. Fauna and flora are typical for the Caribbean Sea. The maximum depths you find are about 25m. The view changes, depending on the season, between 10-30m. The water temperature is scary cold for the Caribbean, 21-24 degrees, wetsuits are commendable. However, you get the compensation right away under water. Beginners in diving and snorkelling also will like it! After a extensive pool training we go to practice, shallow water with soft current offers an ideal area for your day dive trip or even for your international dive certification, have fun! Like it is the place for fishing of Margarita you can imagine finding a lot of fishes al kind of species!!! Go and get wet, because outside of the water these islands have nothing to give.

Everybody advertises that they had the best prices! That’s not what y wants to reach. My prices are to pay in local currency, that’s a lot simpler for you and off course also cheaper. For example: a day tour with equipment for 2 dives, with food, drinks and hotel transfer - coast right now about 270.-Bolivares. Because the money change on the black marked is booming, you can change the Euro for about 5.-Bolivares. Ergo: your dive trip coast only about 50.-Euro. The (illegal or not) moneychangers on “Playa el Agua” are well known. But careful: some moneychangers on the street will give you false money in return, because you don’t now so well our currency. So, my advice: use the official money change offices, a little less is often a little more!!! Of course there is a nice discount by dive packets, ask for it - it’s interesting.




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